About the FIBS Bots Page

Welcome to the FIBS bots page. I wrote it to answer the frequent questions about computer players on the newsgroup rec.games.backgammon as well as for my own interest.

The two essentials to know before going any further are:

  1. FIBS: the First Internet Backgammon Server (see the FIBS homepage)
  2. bots: computer programs that play on FIBS
FIBS is a telnet server, and its input/output is easily understood. (I call it an open server.) Due to its openness, anyone with the determination and programming skills can write a FIBS bot.

There are currently a little over 10 bots active on FIBS, out of a total player population of around 10,000. While this is a tiny minority, the bots occupy many of the highest ratings (see the FIBS Ratings Lists) and are the inspiration behind much of the chatter on rec.games.backgammon.

Different people mean different things by 'bot' including:

The sorted bot lists on this site are all FIBS-based backgammon-playing programs. I've also tried to provide some details of the other types of bot.

As far as I know, these pages reference every bot on FIBS. If you know of any that are missing here, please mail me.

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