FIBS Bot Played by a Human: DatJellyFish

DatJellyFish is a human (identity unknown, as far as I know) operating Jellyfish playing at level 7. This has provoked some controversy, but it's the only way at the moment to play level 7 Jellyfish on FIBS. If you play DatJellyfish, make sure you've got plenty of time; it can be slow going waiting for someone to mirror the moves made and get a level 7 evaluation.

The DatJellyFish person is obviously not hiding the fact of using a program to play on FIBS - that's the whole point of it being there. Inevitably some players are less than open about using programs to select their moves. There's no way to stop this, and it might put you off playing on FIBS in money games or a prize tournament. If you suspect someone is cheating in this way, the most likely response is the same as for most cheaters: don't play them again.

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