Miscellaneous FIBS Bot: egon_beermat

"Hang on", you're saying, "I know egon_beermat. He's that weird Brit who lives in America, logs into FIBS under a different name each time and shouts like a maniac. He's not a bot. What's going on?"

egon, also known as Ian Wall (egon@crl.com), is writing a graphical FIBS client for Windows. The program is rather clever and keeps track of all users on FIBS, their ratings, match results, etc. Like rat, you can ask egon_beermat for ratings information by typing, for example:

tell egon_beermat OpponentName 5

You'll be told how many points you stand to gain or lose in a 5pt.

"Now it makes sense. What about his graphical FIBS client?"

See for yourself. You can download an alpha copy while you're there, too. It's more like MacFIBS than FIBS/W. Send him a nice email and he might get round to finishing it one day :-)

"OK, I will. While I'm here, what the hell does TwoPintsOfLagerAndAPacketOfCrisps mean, anyway?"

It was a song by the UK comedy punk group The Splodgenessabounds in the late 70s.

"Oh, I see. What happened to them, then?"

You know egon_beermat and Ivan are writing similar bot-type things? Well, the Splodges played a gig with Ivan's band in the late 80s and, oddly enough, have never been heard of since. Small world, innit?

"Yes, I suppose so. Can I go somewhere else now please?"

Of course.

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