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backgammon board This is my backgammon board. Yes, something wrong with it??

Some Backgammon Resources

Pointers to almost everything to do with backgammon can be found on the WWW Backgammon Page.

First, a note on FIBS, if you don't know what it is. FIBS is the First Internet Backgammon Server, and lets you play opponents (mostly human although there are a few AI programs) in real time. Its address is fibs.com 4321. If you have configured a telnet 'helper' client you can also connect to FIBS from here. If you're new, login as 'guest' and follow the instructions. As soon as you're logged in, type 'help beginner' to get you started. Daniel Murphy (Raccoon on FIBS) runs the FIBS Web site.

Apart from FIBS, there are several other backgammon servers on the Net.

New! (December 1997) Not really new, but it's new on this site. I posted an article to rec.games.backgammon a while ago on the basics of match equity. It's very simple stuff, but it might be useful if you're struggling with the basic principles.

New! (November 1997) Stefan Paliwoda and I played an 11pt match on FIBS recently and annotated as we went along. Here it is.

New! (September 1997) I wrote a FIBS bot called rat that will tell you how many points you'll win or lose for any rating and match length. It also gives the correct time in GMT (the FIBS clock is incorrect). Note (December 1997): it may soon give match equity information based on Kit Woolsey's match equity table, depending on whether people like the idea or not. If you want to express an opinion, mail me

In August 1997 I wrote a FIBS ratings calculator (requires Javascript, e.g. Netscape 2 or Internet Explorer 3).

For those with a historical bent, I dug up an old FIBS ratings list from March 1994.

In July 1996, Marina Smith (mas on FIBS) conducted a survey of Internet backgammon players.

You can download BG15 (40KB), George Sutty's backgammon game for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 here. It has been improved since BG06, which is the version currently residing on many FTP sites.

Stephen Turner (Turner on FIBS) is keeper of the WWW Backgammon Page, as mentioned before, the most comprehensive backgammon site on the Net, and the first resort for nearly any exploration.

Tom Keith (tomkeith on FIBS) runs an excellent site, Backgammon Galore, on which you'll find his impressive Motif backgammon player, written in Java (Netscape 2, Internet Explorer 3, or any other Java browser). Motif also runs on FIBS, and was highly rated (1930) last time I looked (October 1997).

Roberto Gobbo (bibi on FIBS) runs excellent tournaments on FIBS!

Mike Quinn (mikeq on FIBS) wrote the FIBS Help Page. This is a Web version of the FIBS on-line help.

Mark Damish maintains (or used to maintain) the backgammon FAQ, available as a Web page and via FTP. It hasn't been updated since 1995, and nobody seems to have taken it on since.

Finally, here are the full, 'official' rules of backgammon

Oh, and these are my dice Dice Well,I like them.

My Progress Against Jellyfish

Since I bought Jellyfish, I've been keeping a record of my matches against it (no, wait, don't go, it's really very interesting). I've created some ongoing graphs that chart my failure to improve my game. Currently, the results of my first 119 matches are viewable.

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