rat, the on-FIBS Ratings Calculator and Equity Table Bot

Ratings Calculator

Having written a Javascript FIBS ratings calculator for Web users, I thought it would be fun to write a bot that lives on FIBS and does the same thing.

It's called 'rat' on FIBS and should be alive most of the time. To use it, just talk to it. For example, if your rating is 1500 and your opponent's rating is 1700, and you're playing a 3pt match, type:

tell rat 1500,1700,3

It'll tell you how many points you'll win or lose, and also what the probability is of the underdog (lower rated player) winning the match.

Note that your rating comes first. You must also use commas to separate the numbers. Note also that at the moment it doesn't take players' experience into account; it assumes both players have experience of 400 or over (i.e. when experience ceases to have a special affect on ratings changes).

I'll make it a little easier to use, when I have time, so that you can type things like:

tell rat Ivan,5

Which will look up the rating and experience of you and your opponent (in this case, Ivan). Also:

tell rat ratings

Which will tell you the ratings changes for the match you're currently playing.

Equity Table

To find out your match winning chances from a given score. For example, if you're 3-away and your opponent is 5-away (e.g. you're leading 4-2 in a 7pt match), type:

tell rat -3 -5

It will give you the leader's chance of winning the match, from Kit Woolsey's match equity table. In this case, the leader (you) should win the match 66% of the time. The table is used with Kit's permission. Note: it doesn't matter in which order you give the scores - rat will always give the leader's match winning chances.


At the moment, rat loses connection with the FIBS server more than it should. Sometimes it keeps going for a few days, sometimes it drops connection an hour after I've left the office (grrr). I'm trying to find out the cause.

rat doesn't respond to tells it can't parse, and it doesn't even see messages left for it with the 'message' command.

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