B e n c h m a r k i n g   O n

N e t a d e l i c a

Here is the benchmarking program source.

I deliberately kept the program simple so it would run on as many BASICs as possible. There's an 'engine' that handles the individual tests, and it's written in a way that makes it easy to add your own benchmark routines (see below for how to do this).

The program lets you perform one test at a time, or all tests, and lets you write the results to a file. If you want to submit your test results, please run the program and mail them to me using the following template.

For example:

Some notes:

The tests are as follows:

The numbers in brackets at the end of each line indicate the number of executions/loops within each test. The numbers differ so I could keep each test to within roughly the same execution time. Note that the units are decimal, so:

How to add your own tests

Each test is a separate GOSUB subroutine. They're numbered 1, 2, 3... To add a test, copy an "empty" subroutine framework from the end of the program (e.g. test 20) and insert your benchmark code after the ELSE statement. The test$ string in each subroutine is a short description of what it does and how many times it does it.

Make sure that there is always an 'empty' routine at the end of the program, with test$ set to "end".

Make sure that all the subroutines (including the last, empty one) are always numbered in order.

There are two ON...GOSUB lines in the program. Make sure that all the number match up. If you add tests 20 and 21, make sure that 22 is an empty routine and that the ON...GOSUBs point to 1...20,21,22.

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