Professor Draze

"Let me say straightaway that it seems to me that what we are trying to achieve here is essentially twofold, the sense of which I hope we can at least to some extent begin to explore during the course of this, I hate to use the word, `meeting'." The words of Professor Draze, convoluted spirals of gas that they were, billowed out around the room before settling like so much vapour on the table which had been put there. Much to the surprise of the flying insects, who were as much in the room as the table was, and who so loved to see the old man in action, he coughed but slightly, raised a hand gracefully to the shin of his juxtapositor and couldn't fall down because he had fallen down.

"A sorry state," mumbled Pierre.

"Of affairs, certainly" said Charles, "sorry."

"A sorrower state of sorrowness I am not sorry to say I have never seen, sorrily," Pierre said back.

"Sorrily, I sorrily admit that, sorrily to say, neither have I, sorrily," Charles says.

"Sorrow and sorrowness sorrily make me sorrow, and sorrily my sorry grief has overcome me so sorrily that sorrily, I sorrower have, so sorrily I say here sorrily, not sorrily been for a long time indeed. Sorrily."

"Sorry?" asks Charles. His mind is busy at his Aunt's bar.

"Please," Pierre says, "don't apologise." He then spun round on his feet as was his wont and now he faces Draze. "Sorry sorrow sorrily sorrows the chap."

A voice sounds with "I was just about to say that," from near the shin of his juxtapositor and here we see it is the Professor rising, a hand on the table which existed, "my dear fellow. So sorry I didn't if you like."

In the same room, Bernard is making idle with his lighter as is Gabriel, but he with his hands, and but silhouettes on the wall, not idle. Interestingly, neither have noticed the Professor's misfortunehap. Interestingly, you notice it is recorded here, even though the possible reasons for the tediosity of the observation of the inobservation have not been listed here. It would be a long paragraph indeed that itemised every possible cause of these two characters' ignorance. How boring, in fact, to learn, while eagerly awaiting the next choice morsel of invent, that neither Bernard nor Gabriel were aware of the fall of a man in a room not because they were, while being silently kidnapped, temporarily blindfolded. But you digress. Neither of these two tramps were particularly heedful at the best of times. This might explain why they remain ignorant, for ignorant they both indeed were, especularly when the conversation turned boutious. Especularly is currently a favoured word of Professor Draze's. The clock begins to strike six, and by the time it has donged twice, the word has lost its favour. Professor Draze dies thinking of it, but expires before he can complete its utterance. Esssssssssssssssssssss is all that he manages and then he is conked out.

He returns later in the story, of course, but for the moment, the Professor may safely be forgotten.

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