M e   A t   A   G l a n c e   O n

N e t a d e l i c a

I often find it difficult to gauge when reading someone's "about me" pages if I'm on the same wavelength (man) or if I'm reading the ramblings of a snivelling Daily Mail-reading sociopath. This page is a childish list that defines my wavelength (man). Yes, I should get out more.

I: was born in Germany, grew up in England, went to a comprehensive, 'did' Computer Science, work in IT, have green anarchist leanings, vote Labour or Liberal Democrat depending on my mood, eat fruit, Quorn and crisps, don't drive, tend towards Jung, want a cat, am an aetheist who believes in an afterlife, drink, smoke, don't look at zebra crossings, maintain that art and politics are incompatible, and blow my nose when I need to.

Out of work, I enjoy a rich and varied mix of activities that encompass personal self-development and enriching team-based recreation. Hmmmm ... no I don't. I single-mindedly pursue personal obsessions as the mood takes me. These include:

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