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This page will probably be of interest only to users of the XyWrite word processor. This is a commercial, not freeware or shareware program, so please don't ask me where you can download it from!

This is a collection of my XyWrite XPL programs. Feel free to download them, but please note:

DISCLAIMER. The programs are written for XyWrite III+ (3.55). I cannot guarantee they will work on your system, even though they all work on my machine running XyWrite 3.55 (over MS-DOS 6.2). I cannot be held responsible for any damage or spurious results caused by running these programs, whether caused by programming error, misoperation, or any other reason. They are provided 'as is'.

I'd rather not have to say all that, but you never know what can happen :-(

Now, on to the interesting stuff. The XPL programs are presented below as they are currently mapped onto my ALT keys. I was going to have each letter point to the program plus description for downloading, but it turned out to be too much work. Instead, you can download all the programs and their descriptions in one go. (26KB zip file). This file contains all the programs, each with a description, plus !BUILD.PM (and !BUILD.TXT) which puts all the programs onto pre-defined ALT keys.

Most of these programs are trivial one-liners (like save, quit, etc.) that you will have already. They're only here for completeness. Some of the more advanced (if you can call them that) programs use Save/Get 7 (@7 or ALT 7) as a temporary store. For this reason I never assign anything to ALT 7. This is just a quirk of the way I have done things.

Here are the programs and which keys they map on to on my machine.

1  search                   2  extract cmd string             3  Atex space toggle
4  -                        5  indent MoonRock code           6  put dir on cmd line
7  -                        8  dir                            9  html colour on
0  html colour off          a  abort                          b  bold
c  call                     d  -                              e  dir drive:
f  -                        g  -                              h  Atex code converter
i  reverse date order dir   j  embedded codes off             k  embedded codes on
l  house style checker #2   m  house style checker #1         n  normal
o  call XPL program         p  -                              q  quit
r  read                     s  save                           t  -
u  underline                v  spell                          w  occurence counter
x  dos                      y  transpose characters           z  append dir to cmd line

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